LF-CBS. At a glance.

 5 New Driving Law
effective as of Sept 1-taken from CTV News

INFO Session on Boilers

13 February 2020 at 630pm

IBMA Campus

Reminder: Auto Insurance

Re: Members with expiring auto policies in January and February

New Changes to Landlord and Tenant Law in Ontario

Friendly Links

LF-CBS, lfcbsorg

Philippine Consulate General in Toronto

IBMA | International Building Maintenance Academy


Things Happen.

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Our Governing Body

Four (4) Directors shall be appointed by the Founding Chairman and another four(4) Directors shall be Senior Certified Members elected by a majority of voting members. Each Director shall oversee a committee, to be formed and seconded by the majority of Officers, through the concurrence of the Founding Chairman. All Directors shall have a one-time tenure of office of not more than three (3) years, without right of re-election.