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LFCBS Picnic - Thomson Park - 6 July 2019

INFO Session: Ontario Building Code: An Overview by Mr Dan Xu - 29 Mar 2019

INFO Session: Part 1: Boiler Systems and Part 2: Condominium Law - 17 Jan 2019

2016 Induction Ceremony and Thanksgiving Party

2015 LF-CBS Induction Ceremony and Christmas Party


LFCBS Founding Chairman Ricky Manrique(standing, 3rd from right) poses for a picture with guests,  Mr. James Stewak of Strength Finance(seated, left) and Ms. Joyce Larbi, Greenwin Property Manager (seated, 3rd from left) along with the chartered and newly-inducted league members on the 2nd Induction and Oath-taking ceremony at Metropolitan Center in Scarborough, ON on 12 December 2015.

The (LFCBS) League of Filipino Canadian Building Superintendents, Ltd's 2nd INDUCTION CEREMONY/ 2015 Christmas Party


On December 12, 2015 the League of Filipino Canadian Building Superintendents, Ltd. (LFCBS) had its successful 2nd Induction Ceremony day that was held at the Metropolitan Centre, Toronto, Ontario.

Aside from installing its new sets of officers, LFCBS also inducted new members whom majority of them have just finished their 80 hours training program at a training facility for aspiring building superintendents which incidentally was also founded by the same Chairman of the LFCBS.   

The association (LFCBS) was again introduced by its founding Chairman, Mr, Ricky Manrique where he reiterated in his speech that in order to continue their objectives, goals and aspirations of having an identity as a group of professionals in the industry, to be properly regulated as an institution, finding ways to continuously enhance their skills as building superintendents, and to develop an area of cooperation between themselves and their respective employers, LFCBS has to develop a more aggressive form of continuing training program that would eventually set a qualification of standards acceptable in the industry of building maintenance, at par with the standards that is acceptable not only provincially and federally in Canada  but globally as well.  

Mr. Manrique furthered that these programs of the association he hopefully would be continued by and from the new sets of officers and members as well as from the support of their honorary members, from whom through their dedication would promote the welfare of its members and advance these objectives. Incidentally, he also introduced the newly minted graduates of the training facility where its program operations started only in August 2015. The framework of the training facility and that of the association have the same denominations, wherein both have similar objectives of helping not only new immigrants of Canada who have basic knowledge in building maintenance but in hounding also the skills and abilities of building superintendents who never had the chance to have a formal training, to the end that these aspirants will develop the good sense of attitude in their professional dealings with different building property companies in particular and towards the public in general.   

Then newly inducted officers for 2015 to 2018 are as follows:

2. EGMEDIO "JUN" A. TURIANO JR as Vice President
3. PRECELES "PERCY" H. MANZO as Secretary
4. NELIA J. MALUOY as Treasurer

The association has become more positive and pro-active where its membership from 120 in 2014 to almost 200 in 2015 and is expecting to grow inevitably in the coming years. It has now developed a disciplinary committee where property management companies are assured that their members are acting within their scope of duties. Internally, the Association have also provided Saludares Legal Services as its own Legal Adviser for all its members where they can seek legal consultations pro bono.   

2014 LF-CBS Inaugural Induction Ceremony and Christmas Party

20 December 2014

3825 Sheppard Avenue East Scarborough, ON

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